Bert Stern

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Bertram Stern (October 3, 1929 – June 26, 2013) was a self-taught American commercial photographer.

Recognized as a sex symbol of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe has been for more than half a century, is a model of beauty and femininity. Being an idol for millions of men around the world, she has lived a very bright, short, and not very happy life. Until now, experts are trying to figure out the real cause of her tragic death. One thing is clear: become a legend in his lifetime, it was left to her after death.

In 1962, the famous American photographer Bert Stern for three days of shooting has created more than two and a half thousand portraits of film star. It is this popular series of photographs, taken in the Los Angeles hotel ‘Bel Air’, considered to be the last film actress. Three weeks after this photo shoot of Marilyn died. Sam Burt died June 27 at age 83. His photographs will be on display at the auction on September 10.