Alex Bernasconi

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Bernasconi is amongst a category photographers who are masters of capturing the beauty of wildlife and landscapes.

Currently working on his much-anticipated photography coffee table book, Alex just received one of the highest honors in photographic art: an award appearance in the Graphics Photography Annual 2007—the ultimate award of the world’s best photographers.

Born in the historic city of Milan in 1968, Alex loves being outdoors, a sportsman, adventurer and intrepid traveler. He loves taking his camera to capture extremes of wildlife and its environments.
As a photographer and journalist he appreciates challenges that have taken him around the world, from deserts to glaciers and finally to the risky jungle, where his passion for nature and wilderness led him to photograph some of the most dangerous predators in the world.

Drawing on his encyclopedic knowledge of wildlife, Alex strives to blend in with the territory in order to record his candid, stunning and sacred shots. As a teacher in his art, as well as a teacher in the art of approaching animals, Alex brings warmth, patience, and expertise.

“I’m a curious, and enthusiasict observer of nature in itself.. Every day, in our beautiful world, there are so many tokens of creation’s magnificence that everyone must remember which great gift we’ve been given: “Life”. I’m only a lucky witness.

My dream is to be able to transmit, with my images, at least a small piece of excitement, wonder, peacefulness and happiness that natural world offer us everyday.
I’m a dreamer. The sun rise, the sneaky look of a predator, the sharp and curious look of prey, the alternate lights and shadows over the sinuous shapes of a desert or the rainforest’s appealing contrasts, the bright and perfect colors of the heavenly palette, and the natural cycles coming one after the other, uninterruptedly, for thousands of years, are all magical shows that get you excited, reflective, scared, and get into your soul. No way to capture anything of this in just a frame.

But nevertheless, trusting the chances to realize a dream is what makes life interesting”