Iris Kwok

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Having initially discovered a love for photography as a means of recording travel and life experiences, Iris now regularly shoots everything from portraits to special events to landscapes and nature shots.

As a child Iris would spend hours snapping away, recording every minutiae in life with her father’s old film cameras. Years later it came as no surprise when she bought a digital SLR with her first paycheck.

Although photography is a passion, Iris is actually a practising doctor in London and member of the Royal College of Surgeons and her day job is in the operating theatre rather than the dark room!

Nevertheless, she is happy to take on photography engagements as and when her work commitments allow and would be very happy to discuss any ideas or requests you have in mind.

She is an unobtrusive photographer and puts particular emphasis on keeping her shots natural; post-production editing is kept to an absolute minimum. She holds a City & Guilds accredited qualification in portrait and wedding photography.

Iris Kwok