Will McBride

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Will McBride born 1931 in St. Louis; Photographer, Sculptor and Painter,
Will McBride spent his youth in Chicago, attending Gross Point
High School and subsequently the University of Vermont
(where he privately studied with Norman Rockwell),
Art Institute of Chicago, National Academy of Design,
graduating from Syracuse University in 1953. After 3 years of
service with the Army (1953-1955), McBride settled in Germany
to pursue his photographic work.

50 years and 18 books later, Will McBride has established himself
as one of the foremost documentary style photographers of his day,
specializing in “Rites of Passage” or “Coming of Age” photography.
Documenting the transition from childhood to adolescence to adulthood,
McBride’s imagery has resulted in one of the great extended
portraits of youths in transition.