Nenad Saljic

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Croatian photographer Nenad Saljic, who trained as a mountaineer and caver in his youth, is above all an artist,
inspired by his love of nature’s most ancient textures, forms and shapes.
His exquisite black-and-white photography is a testament to his ability to capture nature’s essence, whether it’s his
award-winning portraits of the Matterhorn, or the awe-inspiring depths of the Dalmatian caves, revealing earth’s
geological history.
His current projects include three artist books: A Portrait of the Matterhorn, Petrified, which will showcase
his explorations of the Dalmatian caves and The Birth of a Ship, a photographic journal recording the
reproduction of an historic wooden boat.
Saljic’s passion for photography was redefined during a trekking expedition to the Himalayas: “Photography is how I
see reality, it is a reflection of my emotions and my imagination, but sometimes hardly visible to the naked eye…”