David Drebin

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, originally from Toronto, Canada, graduated from Parson School of Design in New York City in 1996 and has been based in New York City ever since.

After success in the commercial world doing ad campaigns internationally for companies from American Express, Davidoff, New York Times to name a few as well as magazines from Vanity Fair, Travel and Leisure, GQ, Elle, Rolling Stone and many others David has gone on to have exhibitions in Los Angeles and Berlin.

David’s first monograph “Love and Other Stories” will be published by DAAB and will be released in May 2007.

“Some type of emotional response when looking at my photographs would be ideal…
for me the most gripping photographs are either funny and sexy, sexy and sad or sexy and funny without being sad”.



I decided to become a  photographer over 10 years ago strictly because I wanted to understand my own imagination and what I really thought about other human beings.I guess one could call it Fashion photography  even though I have yet to put myself in any category.I love Fashion but I am more fascinated by the people who wear the fashion than the actual fashion hence the photograph of the person who happens to wear the fashion without intending to be a fashion photograph but merely a photograph…self involved but not self conscious necessarily.

I like pictures that are often dupilicitous and have hidden meanings that are ultimately gripping and stay in mind far beyond the moment of looking at the picture for the first time.I like the pictures that the picture I am looking at makes me think about in my own imagination. l  I like pictures that often say one thing but mean another…maybe that is what is now referred to as “narrative” photography.

I am a big fan of Richard Avedon because of his process of taking pictures probably more than any individual image he ever took.He always seemed to want to bring something out of the person more than just take a pretty picture.I like his seemingly constant attempt to reveal some sort of truth.I am after the same thing. i also love the pictures of Guy Bourdin even though I have no idea what his process was for doing what he did.
I just liked the glamourous element  within his work.

I don’t really have a favourite image that I have taken so far but I guess the girl flashing cars over the highway is one because it is a person living and loving it it seems to me. I also love the girl in the red dress…where is she going?? Where is she coming from??

I like the pictures within my pictures. I hope you do too.