Sandra Hoyn

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Sandra Hoyn is a freelance photojournalist living in Germany. She studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg. Since 2005 she is working on photo-stories concentrated on social issues and human rights. Since 2007 she is represented by laif, agency for photos and reports.

2012 she got the 2nd place at IPA – International Photography Awards in category Professional Editorial Sports. 2012 is awarded of the Px3 – Prix de la Photographie with three silver medals for her features. In 2011 and 2007 she received a scholarship from VG Bild-Kunst. 2009 she received the Kindernothilfe Media Award, 2004 the Kodak Young Talent Award.

Sandra Hoyn was on vacation in Thailand in 2011 when she happened upon a Muay Thai competition near Bangkok. Known as “the art of eight limbs” where almost everything on the body is used including elbows, knees, and fists, Muay Thai is a full-contact sport and one that is considered extremely difficult. Professional fighters often deal with broken bones and concussions.
What shocked Hoyn the most wasn’t the sport as much as the competitors: Children as young as 6 years old were in the ring. She immediately contacted the coaches and children to photograph the fights for a series she titled “Die Kampfkinder,” or “Fighting Kids.”