Alejandro Zerolo

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Alejandro Zerolo traveler, reader & photographer, currently living in Addis, originally from Tenerife, Spain.

I have worked packaging avocados, I’ve been a professional diver, and for over 15 years I have been working in civil aviation, starting with Air Nostrum.

Then I moved to my island, to work for Futura … until it closed.
Since then, I have worked in India for 9 months with Air India Express … ending up in Ethiopia, currently living in Addis Ababa for 3 years now. Meanwhile, during this period, I recently have been making ??photographs that have been published with special interest stories in the WSJ and in NGO organization publications.

I started the internet project “Moving2You” in January 2011, as both founder and promoter. I am surrounded by true professionals who have made an idea become a reality.

I spend most my free time improving and developing moving2you, as well as taking photos in Ethiopia.

My passion is to change the way we travel, freely and to give people the chance to explore places beyond the standard commercial way.