Kris Baum

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Kris Baum born in Sydney in 1974 and originally working as a computer engineer, Kris Baum studied fine art photography at Cavendish College Of Art & Design in London under Rod Morris during 1999-2003.
BaumТs images express his perception of the mystery and beauty of man-made worlds through his love of line, symmetry and space Ц no doubt linked to his early career and study of mathematics and engineering.

In 2004, BaumТs СSubterraniaТ project of the London Underground was selected as a highly
commended project by the Guardian Observer MagazineТs photography award (the СHodge AwardТ) .
СSubterraniaТ is an ongoing project exploring the worldТs underground metroТs and subway stations -displaying the beauty, loneliness and eeriness of these spaces when devoid of people.
Although Baum returned to Australia in 2005, he remained linked to London & Europe, returning frequently and continuing to photograph man-made worlds; alleyways, public spaces, streets, nightscapes, bus stops, freeways and metro stations.
СSubterraniaТ has been exhibited many times in both the UK and Australia. Alongside exhibitions, BaumТs work was featured in top magazines such as LINO (the СwallpaperТ magazine of Australia), Noise, Precinct, Curve, Kurv, Highlights and Artichoke. Of his stark portrayals of urban artificiality, Baum has commented that although he prefers the viewer to interpret the scene, he photographs them because he is attracted to the geometry, shape, colour and unexpected emptiness of these often familiar spaces.
In 2007, BaumТs further work of public spaces and the СWorld Square Car ParkТ landed another finalist award at the Sony СProjectionsТ photography competitionЦ at which there is no winner, only finalists.
Diverging into portrait work, Kris photographed a number of portrait subjects and was a finalist in the Moran Portrait Prize twice over during 2008 and 2011 Ц selected from thousands of entries on both occasions.
During 2013, Kris was again selected as a finalist in the nationwide СHead OnТ photographic landscape.

BaumТs work is represented by various galleries and art dealers both in the UK, Europe and Australia; including Art-Now (Berlin),
International Art Consultants (UK) and Villa Del Arte (Amsterdam,Barcelona). His work is also part of the Moran Foundation collection in Sydney, Australia.