Greg Wilson

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Greg Wilsonis the 2011 winner of the International Cinematographers Guild’s Emerging Cinematographer Awards for his short film, Somewhere Else. He got his start working as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone, Spin and Fader. In 2005 he began working in motion pictures. He shoots with everything from 16mm film to 65mm HD. Story is always paramount. He loves the outdoors and has a passion for working in tough environments needing on-the-spot solutions for demanding technical situations. He has more than 7 years experience as a pioneering hi-speed camera technician and operator, alpha testing new camera systems for Vision Research. He has worked on a broad range of feature films, documentaries, music videos and a vast number of commercials. In 2012 he had two feature stories in National Geographic Magazine. His client list includes HBO, Mobli, Pepsi, PBS, NGS, Nike, AOL, ESPN, Mute Records, Rough Trade, and more. Greg is a former Olympic snowboarder and is the drummer of Coin Under Tongue.

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