Rupert Jordan

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London isn’t underwater but photographer Rupert Jordan sure knows how to make it seem that way for his River London series. Perspective is key in the crafty photographer’s images of London landmarks like the London Eye and Big Ben. Getting into the water himself, Jordan forces viewers to see the towering architecture as though it, too, is submerged.

Initially seeking to simply capture images of these oft-photographed monuments in an “unusual way,” the photographer came up with the idea in winter and sought to shoot it right away. Unfortunately, as he tells PetaPixel, he was met with several problems that included low light, timid waves, and freezing temperatures. Once the temperatures rose, the sun came out, and the waves were more animated, Jordan proceeded with his vision.

The photographer says, “At low tide some beaches are revealed. So I had to check out the tide time tables for low tide… [T]here are a few spots where it’s completely okay to go onto the beaches … but many are restricted. I had to leap over the railings to get down to the river opposite Battersea Power Station, the London Eye and Parliament.” Jordan hopes to capture more buildings from this perspective though he acknowledges the fact that he may have to get a small boat for future trips.