Marc Erwin Babej

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Le travail de Marc Erwin Babej s’interroge sur le rapport a la beaute dans le monde contemporain. De belles femmes ont ete presentees a la chirurgienne plastique Maria LoTempio qui a indique les modifications que les specialistes de sa profession auraient conseille. Une serie perturbante de cliches, a decouvrir dans la suite.
Marc Erwin Babej is a fine art and documentary photographer who works exclusively in black-and-white. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1970, he received a B.A. in history from Brown University and an M.Sc. from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
He began his career as a business reporter for Forbes, and also wrote about history and current affairs for Corriere della Sera, Die Zeit and The Guardian. Today, he is a marketing and product innovation strategy advisor to Fortune 500 companies and the public sector. He is a Forbes contributor to this day, writing the widely-read Strategic Marketing column.
Marc’s background in social sciences, strategy and media pervades his photographic work, with locations ranging from Burma to Southern Africa, from Brazil to Japan… to his New York City studio.
Uneasy coexistences are a predominant theme in his work. The images surface inner conflicts and, in so doing, expose seemingly contradictory beliefs.
Conflict is a key means of representation in the work – a stance that embraces the viewer with one arm, while holding him at a distance with the other.Marc’s work is published regularly – both in general media such as Der Spiegel, Huffington Post, La Repubblica and RTL, and in fine art publications such as Leica Fotografie International and Lenswork. He also writes a column about luminaries in art and documentary photography for Der Spiegel.

Mask of Perfection focuses on the complex and ambivalent relationship between the beauty we perceive subjectively on the one hand, and the plastic surgeon’s scientific, geometry-based standard of beauty on the other.

Mask of Perfection…