Jeff Vaillancourt

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“Photography has always had a place in my life. In 2009 I looked back over my casual hobby and realized that there were long gaps between shooting excursions. I’d also forgotten most of the technical aspects and was not growing in photography at all. It was then that I decided to relentlessly pursue the craft. Today I humbly realize how little I do know, but I consistently work to improve my skills and my understanding of photography as a whole.
My subject interests include animal portraits, cosplay convention photography and street photography. A few years ago I started a 100 Strangers Project on Flickr, but over time that project evolved into what I now call Street Portraits. Street Portraits fuels my passion for photography. I photograph people on the streets and sometimes document the conversations that take place. In this project I have let down my emotional walls and barriers. I’m honest and upfront about my feelings and I can only hope that the portraits I take reflect that. Sometimes it’s just a photograph, other times a name and occasionally I’ll include the conversation that took place. I do not know where Street Portraits will take me, or what the project will evolve in to, but I do know that I have a strong desire to make something more of it.” ~ Jeff Vaillancourt