Jacob Balzani

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Jacob Balzani Loov (b. 1977) is an Italian photographer based between Milan and Zurich. He is primarily interested in underreported social and environmental issues, and he feels the need to communicate these stories through any suitable media. He views his journalistic work as a form of activism; one in which people are informed in an equal and truthful way.

In 2012, he graduated from the London College of Communication’s Photojournalism and Documentary Photography department. Curious about the processes and the links between different systems, in 2003 he graduated with a degree in Environmental Sciences. His love for the mountains then pushed him to work with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Jungfraujoch (3580 m asl.), which is the highest research station in the Swiss Alps. In 2007, the data he collected on the transport of air pollutants across the planet allowed him to attain a PhD. Deeply attracted to global events, after observing during his numerous journeys just how fast and dramatically the world was changing, he decided to stop his scientific work and fully commit himself to photography.

Jacob Balzani Loov works for several NGOs (non-governmental organizations) worldwide, often in places that are difficult to access. He was selected as a finalist for the PR-Bild-Award 2010 and his work was exhibited in Milan and London. He is currently available for commissions.