Constance Fein Harding

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“I am a Fine Art Photographer, based in Central Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. I am part Dutch, part Belgian (Walloon) and married to a New Zealander.
In 2009 I found time on my hands and filled them with a camera. Photography very quickly became a passion and part of my daily life. It changed not only how I see, but what I see, and I am constantly delighted and surprised where beauty can be found. I love creating still life inspired by the Old Masters; high key exposures; flowers; mist; relics; minimalism.
I enjoy learning different techniques and experimenting with tones and textures, adding to my eclectic collection of art. I love the beauty and art that photography allows me to see and create, and it continues to be a journey of discovery.” ~ Constance Fein Harding.