Sean R. Heavey

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Until a few years ago Sean had only driven through small rural towns on his way to someplace. Never stopping for more that a few moments. But cosmic event unfolded and he landed in the heart of small town America. He fell in love… Since then Sean has been driving the dusty backroads and cow trails. Photographing the endless countryside, the sky above, and the remnants of past generations.
Sean’s photographs have been published around the globe and seen by millions of people. He has been honored to have his images on the pages of theNY PostUSA Today, The Telegraph, France’s La Monde, and National Geographic.

His images have been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records and The Weekly World News. Al Gore used Sean’s photos in his presentations to highlight the challenges we face with global climate change. YahooMicrosoft’s Bing, and NASA’s APOD selected his images to use as their photos of the day.

He received an honorable mention in the 2010 National Geographic Photo contest and is a Montana Treasured Artis

When Sean does not have a camera in his hand, which in not very often, he is working as an electrician for the people of Glasgow, Montana.