Gavin Bond

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Gavin Bond is one of the hottest image makers in the world of portraiture and fashion photography today, a graduate of London’s infamous St Martins School Of Art.

He spent much of the 90s shooting backstage at the worlds biggest runway shows, building a relationship with both the designers and models that has become invaluable today.

His portfolio bursts with the spur of the moment,never to be captured again images of some of the worlds most recognized models and celebrities.

He has worked with such celebrities as Jessica Alba,Eva Mendes,Nicole Kidman,Will Ferrell,Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anistion.

He recently undertook a reportage project backstage at the Victoria Secret Lingerie Show, known as the worlds most flamboyant and colourful catwalk event.The images were subsequently published in GQ to critical acclaim.

Bonds magic is in showing the flip side to the persona the viewer grows used to seeing. Perhaps it is the way the subject stands,or being caught applying lip gloss moments before hitting the catwalk.Bond enlightens our understanding of the fashion and celebrity worlds with the frankness and speed of his unrestricted lens.

When he is not backstage with the worlds hottest models,Bond is a hugely demanded photographer shooting a variety of commercial assignments and movies posters, as well as shooting on a regular basis for such editorial clients as GQ, Esquire, Interview, Vanity Fair and EW.

He lives and works in New York City