Eusebio and Christina Saenz de Santamaria

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Eusebio and his wife Christina Saenz de Santamaria – free divers, they dive into the depths without oxygen tanks. During a trip to the Yucatan in Mexico, they plunged into the cenotes and made these breathtaking pictures.

Eusebio from Bilbao in northern Spain has been involved in freediving for over a decade. In 2004 Eusebio co-founded ‘Apnea Total’, one of the world’s largest freediving education systems. Since this time, Eusebio has educated and trained thousands of freedivers from beginner level through to the professional as well as world champion spearfishermen. Eusebio’s personal performances include being a former National Record holder for Spain in the three depth categories.

Christina from Sydney, Australia has been freediving since 2005 after completing her first freediving courses at ‘Apnea Total’. Since then, Christina has trained and competed in freediving competitions worldwide and currently holds the Australian National Records in two depth disciplines making her the deepest Australian female freediver in history.