Adde Adesokan

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Jack Hardwicke (aka The Eidophusikon) is a 23 years old Brighton (south coast of England) based photographer focusing on abstract themes with punches of color and visual stimulation.

My name is Adde Adesokan. I am a self taught photographer born and raised in Germany to Nigerian parents, living and working as a creative director in Hamburg, Germany.
Photography has started eating my mind in November 2010. While traveling I realized that I have always been more interested in the people around a particular sight than in the sight itself. It is my passion to explore life in these unknown environments …
My photography is mostly referred as street photography or documentary, but I honestly don’t care too much about neither categories or limitations, nor in missing pixels, one or two missing fps or missing ISO 25K. But I do believe in photographic skill, vision and a will of constant improvement.

Triptychs of Strangers…