Franco Banfi

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Franco Banfi has dived in all the oceans of our Earth, improving his skill as photographer and his love for wildlife and conservation of biodiversity, flora and fauna.

His works have been published in dozens of magazines around the world. In the last few years, he has published several stories in BBC Wildlife, Dive, Diver, Focus, National Geographic Italy, Nature Best Photography, Ocean Geographic and Sport Diver. His images have also been featured in magazines such as BBC Wildlife, GEO, National Geographic, Scuba Diving, and in countless publications worldwide.

I was born in 1958 in Lugano and I started wildlife photography as a hobby. I always liked to be in the wild, be part of nature and subjected to the oddities of the weather. I hate to stay shut up in a room: 365 days per year the same temperature, the same recycled air, the same thoughts… this is not for me.

About ten years ago I chose to work as a full-time freelance and vagabond photographer and I’m still happy about that decision.

Submerged in the softened underwater world, into the ancestral liquid where everything had its birth and to be able to observe the hidden part of our blue planet through a viewfinder… this is absolutely astonishing.

To be able to capture the liquid life, underline the beauty and the uniqueness of these creatures: this is my mission.
Share my experiences and to show the underwater world to “land” humans so to enhance the knowledge and the respect of the “hidden world”: this is my daily promise.
I have made three books: Papua New Guinea coffee table book, Papua New Guinea dive guide, and Underwater Planet.
Lots of my pictures have been used to illustrate several books.

One of my pictures (showing a Sperm whale) was displayed at an exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.