Alessandro Catuogno

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Alessandro Catuogno born into a sea-faring family, the sea is always close to my heart. I’ve tried to capture all of her aspects, the calm and the rough, as a medium for sport, or simply as scenic background. Even though we’ve drifted apart over the years, the sea remains the fondest memory of my youth spent in Marina Piccola.
As it often happens, one’s passion becomes one’s work. All began in the early 70′s with a spark of enthusiasm and a camera lent by a friend.
Since that day I have spent many hours in a dark room developing my first monochrome films, watching the magic of the pictures appearing on the paper, still immersed in the developing trays.
Much time has passed since then, but my passion for photography has remained strong, actually increased thanks to the development in modern technology which has given birth to a new world I am discovering day by day.