Miguel Vallinas

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They are doing something great in the first place, you need to take care of that, so this work will enrich the spiritual world. Even in the initial stages of creating a series of “second skins” Spanish advertising photographer Miguel Vallinas had no doubt of its success. If someone is suspected of the artist in a large self-confidence, it is much mistaken. The fact that M. Vallinas does not put the viewer in front of fact and provides an alternative option, enables us to understand the nature of man by examining the internal aspects of human existence.

Vallinas photographed over 50 animals, picking them outfits that of different styles and even decades. A swan looks like a studious girl, whereas a flamingo becomes a sharp NYC business lady – and check that stylish jacket that the donkey wears! Detailed retouching makes the outfit and the pose of the animals come together into a very coherent look.

Segundas Pieles…

Miguel Vallinas