Gurbir Grewal

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Gurbir Grewal :”-I am 20-years-old, from Vancouver, BC, Canada and am currently completing a double-major in International Relations and Human Geography at the University of British Columbia. I am increasingly drawn toward capturing human beings in a way that does not display who they truly are, but captures them in such a way that imprints elements of fantasy, mystery, depth, or various other emotions on to them. I have been creating characters, not capturing people. This said, I cannot begin to concisely describe to you what my style is as I personally have yet to find a way to describe it to myself. I feel that I am still in a place where I am seeking to be exposed to more people, places, and sources of inspiration so I can continue to grow and eventually create my own niche. All that I know is I want to reach deeper and evoke more visceral emotional reactions in my audience.” – Gurbir Grewal.”