Fong Qi Wei

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Singaporean photographer Fong Qi Wei has created a series of photographs, mosaics, which he called “Time is a Dimension”. Images are made up of images taken at different times of day. A stunning effect is achieved by changing lighting, which occurs during the day.
Photographer is not satisfied that any image shows a single moment in time – a moment stopped.
“Our world is not so. We live moment by moment. So the video and looks more convincing than a still picture. I work with photography because I like it. But in a way, I wanted to break out of the individual slice of time in photography “, – says Fong Wei Qi on your website.

In his photomosaic Qi Wei uses mostly urban landscapes or nature views. The sequence of time slices covers 2-4 hours, mostly sunrises and sunsets. As a result, captivating images are obtained, which, according to the photographer, allow time to experience the individual still frames.