Bronek Kozka

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Bronek Kozka, born in 1970, is an Australian contemporary photographer and visual artist, currently based in Melbourne. He studied photography at RMIT in Melbourne (Australia). Bronek Kozka is represented by Bett Gallery Hobart and MARS Gallery.

Artist statement: “I am interested in memory, how we see or perceive those memories, and remembered moments; the small details to the more general ‘feel’ of an almost lost memory. Constructed carefully in studio spaces or lit locations, my photographs become ‘home’ to a cast of actors and models who act out a series of stories created from story boards. These scenarios range from a man and woman driving a car, a confrontation outside a suburban home, a cleaning lady resting in a quiet room, to a woman and her two children watching TV in a non descript living room. These stories are assembled from fragments of film references, other people’s experiences and memories of spaces they inhabit, and of course my own memories.”