John Francis Peters

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John Francis Peters is a photographer specializing in documentary, portrait, travel and lifestyle projects. John’s diverse body of work ranges from the portraiture of influential personalities to essays on emerging culture and environments in transition. His personal and assigned projects focus on both domestic and international subjects. John was selected as one of Photo District News 30 emerging photographers to watch in 2013.

The Stream is a series I made this summer while back home in upstate New York. I had returned from an assignment in Pakistan and living on the west coast since last year, so this was my first extended period back in the area. One of the places I usually go to when home is into the woods and to some of the Catskill Mountains many streams. I was totally re-inspired when I visited one such place where I like to swim and decided to explore making this body of work. I think what really engaged me at first was the light. It’s so unique to the area and I wanted to make a series which would meditate on it in collaboration with the water, stone and people I came across. I was mainly interested in exploring an abstract approach to the streams, making images which gave a sense of nature and exploring a new direction with my work’