Hanna Putz

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Hanna Putz is a Visual Artist currently living and working between Vienna and London. Her work has been featured in Zeit Magazin, New York Magazine, Wallpaper* and Dazed & Confused amongst others. She is a visiting Lecturer at the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz,Austria as well as at the Bauhaus-University Weimar,Germany.

This is a project (2011 – ongoing) in which I have photographed 8 different families in 5 different cities (Vienna, New York, London, Paris and Berlin). I question the strategies and intentions of photographing someone, and the possibilities of working against an invasion of privacy in a time of complete overflow of images. I am interested in examining the notion of ‘posing’ , the need to perform in the age of social networking and permanent surveillance. I wanted to create works that transport a feeling of intimacy and closeness with the self for the subject (and the viewer) but without exposing anyone. I have always been interested in questioning the process of the photographic act – of ‘presenting’ oneself for an image of oneself. As a generation that seems to be ‘on air’ constantly in a society which demands permanent communication and information, the camera can become very tiresome. In this series I tried to give space for images of people to be with themselves and for themselves rather than for others. Composition and color are of great importance to me by allowing individuals to become anonymous, sculptural forms intertwined and molded together.”