Zhu Yunwei

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Zhu Yunwei born in 1982 in Handan, China, Zhu Yunwei – age of 9 – moved to Beijing with his parents.?Since 2006, he study product design at the Staatliche?Hochschule fuer Gestaltung, university of design, ?karlsruhe, germany. Opened / closed eyes, a collection of photographs are taken from a project he completed last semester: ‘black and white / dark and light’. Under the tuition of prof. Hansjerg Maier-Aichen. Opened / closed eyes each portrait consists of two portrait shots.?I took two pictures of each person – one with opened eyes,?the other with closed eyes.?I then integrated the two pictures into one portrait, ?resulting in the calm but unnatural expressions seen here.?Human beings wake up and open their eyes in the morning,?close their eyes and fall asleep at night, these are which the two?normal states of everyone.

One eye closed …