Tom Jackson

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British zoologist, Tom Jackson released a book of photographs «Micro Monsters» The book contains hundreds of photos naseomyh made ??using a special microscope and special technology. These small, tiny monsters living among us, in our homes, in the grass we walk on, and some, such as dust mites, and ourselves. In photoblog Telegraph can see many pictures of insects from this book, and we invite you to see only some of them.

They may look like monsters from a horror film, but these tiny creatures inhabit our homes, clothes and even our bodies. A new book, ‘Micro Monsters’, showcases some of the planet’s most horrible insects and microscopic beasts. British author and trained zoologist, Tom Jackson, spent three months compiling the images in the book. Scientists coated the tiny creatures in gold, froze them in liquid nitrogen and fired a beam of electrons at the subjects from a scanning electron microscope to reveal the incredible detail.