Valerio Bispuri

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Valerio Bispuri was born in Rome in 1971 where he lives. He has a university degree in Literature and has been a journalist and a professional photo-reporter since 2001.
He has worked for some of the major Italian newspapers and magazines such as: L’Espresso, Venerdi de Repubblica and L’Internazionale.
He has done extensive work in photography in Latin America, in Africa and Asia, and in the Middle East. He has exhibited his work in Italy, in Spain and Argentina. In Italy was exposed an exhibition about the slums of Ecuador at Lila: Italian- Latin-American Institute of Rome.
As a freelance photographer. For the past nine years Valerio Bispuri has documented life in 74 prisons all over South America.
In 2009 he exhibited his work on Argentine prisons at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires during the Festival of Human Rights.

Jails Sud America-series showcases life in prisons across South America as a microcosm of the societies they reflect. Bispuri’s full project spans 74 prisons across ten countries. He depicts the violence, power management and human experience within each environment.