Phil Shaw

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Phil Shaw started taking underwater wildlife photographs whilst a scuba diving Instructor in the ’90′s when he split his time between taking photo’s and teaching both diving and advanced 35mm underwater photography techniques. During this time he extensively photographed Wildlife and People underwater in Egypt, The Philippines, South Africa, Florida, The Maldives and the UK.

Phil started taking underwater baby and people portrait photography in 1996 to expand his advertising portfolio and produced Underwater images for many companies and film libraries including Anderson Consulting,Titanic Restaurant, Aquababies, Photonica and Pictor. More recently he exclusively photographs babies and children for LondonBabySwim.

Baby Swimming – At London Baby Swim, we offer Baby and Toddler Swimming at dedicated Baby Swimming Centres in London. We provide a gentle introduction to baby swimming in a playful, fun and safe environment with a progression that will develop natural swimming skills.

Our expert Baby Swim instructors not only take care of your baby and toddler, making sure they are safe and happy whilst learning but they will also make sure you enjoy ‘to the max’ this unique experience with your baby. If you are not confident in the water, our instructors will make sure that you increase your confidence so you can enjoy the lessons more and more.
Our passionate goal is to teach Baby and Toddler Swimming skills that not only help infants how to love water but to also be confident and respect it. In order to offer the best teaching and environment, we limit our class sizes to 8, which makes classes a comfortable size for each baby and toddler to be given the time to develop and makes the group the perfect social circle.
We also provide a great social environment for parents and babies, especially for mums as your social lives totally change with the new arrival, to meet and share their precious baby time. For dads this is an occasion to share something special with their babies.
In our lessons not only the children have fun but parents are usually the ones looking forwards to the next lesson as they really enjoy this shared experience which will help develop a stronger bond between parents and little ones.