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British photographer now more known by his art-work and exhibitions. Now it seem like he`s back in fashion photography after a long abscense.

He`s from counterculture generation of photographer, influenced by grunge and a hung-over after glam in 80ies. In the same row than Juergen Teller, Terry Richardson, Wolfgang Tillmans. He was working alot in 1994- 1999, now he continues to contribute for Purple fashion magazne, self service.
he was an often contributor for Vogue ItaliaFrench Glamour (vol1- till 1995, when it was an edgy fashion mag, almost the same than Vogue Paris), and, for indie mags, for sure, such as I-DPurpleself service.
now he`s represented by MS Logan creative agency.
to be honest, i`m not excited of how he`s shooting now, but in 90ies he was (and still is) one of my fav.
Stella Tennant and Carolyn Murphy were his muses