Fideli Sundqvist

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Swedish artist Fideli Sundqvist has conceived new additions to her ‘papercut’ series entitled ‘still life’, a collection of images imitating
foodstuffs composed of paper arranged as if in a classic still-life photograph. sundqvist replicates meats, cheeses, onions, fish and lemons in rudimentary 3D forms,
using bright colors and a deliberate diagrammatic aesthetic. other pieces also part of the opus include ‘plaza’, capturing artificial feasts sporting
three meals, the entree, main course and dessert. the project started from her interest in album cover art, particularly that of ‘bright eyes: lifted – or the story is in the soil’,
which gives the illusion of being an old book, with illustrations carved in linoleum.

sundqvist describes her process for idea generation informing her work:
‘I have a bunch of ideas that I walk around and think about, and some of them are stronger than others. suddenly one idea could turn up with new pictures,
stories or moods. after that I think: ‘I must do this’. I have a pretty long starting time. it’s like I have to collect and get in a mood to “kickstart” me up.
as soon as I get going I produce quite fast. I am usually completely swallowed up in my project and then the idea and content take shape.
the actual work itself is self-generating. during my working process new ideas and solutions occur. then comes the harder part when I must end the project.
I dare to drop it, since I am a kind of perfectionist.’

Still life…