Vera Saltzman

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Vera Saltzman born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, photography has long been a “back burner” interest for Vera, but she didn’t become serious about her work until she moved north to Nunavut. Struggling to fit in, she turned to her photography to build a bridge between herself and the Inuit, a friendship of sorts – a visual record of an intangible exchange.

Vera’s work from this time is currently being exhibited across North America as part of “Silavut: Inuit Voices in a Changing World,” a travelling museum exhibit produced by the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. She is also proud to have a portrait series of Inuit elders permanently displayed at Ilisaqsivik, the family resource centre in the hamlet of Clyde River.

After living in Nunavut for 5 years, Vera returned south to work in Ottawa where she sought out opportunities to develop her photographic skills at the School of the Photographic Arts (SPAO). In her final year of studies she focused her attention on issues of identity, the fragility of life and the passage of time.

In 2012, Vera’s series Sue and Winnie won an Applied Arts Award recognizing creative excellence. She currently resides in Fort Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan.