Christian Benetel

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18-year-old photographer from Sydney, Australia -Christian Benetel first became interested in photography at the young age of 14, when he noticed his sister posting her photos on Flickr. After seeing incredible photos of the people she followed, he was inspired to pick up his parent’s digital camera to see what he could do. Fast forward four years later and Benetel is now part of an elite group of talented teenage photographers who have an obvious knack for visual storytelling.

While he cites Flickr photographers like Alex Stoddard and David Talley as sources of inspiration, Benetel has a style all his own. The way he captures feelings and emotions by his unique angle or composition, makes him one to watch.

“I think you can really capture raw emotion with portraits and it really allows you to create pictures that people can relate to, which is what I love doing with my photos,” he tells us.