Adrien Broom

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Adrien Broom (born 1980) is a contemporary fine art and commercial photographer from Connecticut. Broom’s fine art photography often alludes to themes of childhood fantasy, with young women as the protagonists. Her commercial work includes fashion and portrait photography.
Broom received a bachelor’s degree in computer animation from Northeastern University, studied fine art in Florence, Italy, and art history in the Christie’s Education program in London. Citing childhood memories as an important catalyst, she makes use of period costumes to compose images that are often derived from fairy tales, but “It’s a little darker than my reality as a child, drawing on my adult vision of the beautiful and bizarre.” A current project continues to draw from the interest in fairy tale imagery, with the exploration of color as a unifying theme. As part of her commercial assignments, Broom regularly photographs Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.