John William Keedy

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Drawing inspiration from those around him, John William Keedy creates art aimed at examining the concepts of personal identity and normalcy.

His father, William Keedy, a highly regarded photographer, exposed Keedy to photography at an early age, sparking his interest in image-making. As he matured, John continued to develop as a photographer both technically and conceptually.

A native to San Antonio, Texas, Keedy graduated from Trinity University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in the spring of 2007. In 2013, Keedy received a Master of Fine Arts in Imaging Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

An actively exhibiting photographer, Keedy currently resides in San Antonio, Texas.

John William Keedy’s work, ‘It’s Hardly Noticeable’, explores the world of a character who navigates living with an unspecified anxiety-based mental illness. Negotiating situations constructed to highlight the impacts and implications of his differences on his thoughts and behaviors, he raises the question of normalcy. Through carefully constructed tableaus and metaphorical still lifes, the series reveals the relationship between reality and perception, and at the same time highlights issues of pathology while questioning stereotypes of normalcy. Through these images Keedy questions the legitimacy of applying the term normal in a societal context by prompting a reconsideration of what, if anything, is normal, or at least what is perceived and labeled as such. ‘Is it possible for a society to have a commonly held idea of what is normal, when few individuals in that society actually meet the criteria for normalcy?’