Olga Matsaeva

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Olga Matsaeva was born in 1983 in Moscow (Russia). Since 2007 she has worked as a photographer in art-nude genre. Between 2008 and 2012, Olga participated in different exhibitions in Russia and abroad. She has received several awards at the international photo contests.
She is interested in different ways of looking at the body. There is a interplay between body and spirit in her works. She is bored with surface beauty; what fascinates this is life’s complexities, the darkness as well as the light. Also her work has always an autobiographical element. There is continuation of that examination of the self, a projection of memories, dreams and emotions.
She is interested in inner realities of itself. It often are invisible by their very nature, but are strongly present in all of us.
In this work, she tried to open itself and let the unconscious take over. She love mirrors and reflections very much. They add phantasmaty and mysticism to a picture. They remind us of the fact that outside we are not always the same as inside.