Nick Selway

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Nick Selway was born Jan 17, 1984 and was raised in Lake Stevens, WA on a lake along the North Cascade MT. Growing up surrounded by mother nature’s beauty he always had an appreciation for it. Attending North Idaho College in 2002 not knowing what he wanted to major in he decided to take a photography class offered at the college. It was at that time he meet the two photography professors Tim Christie and Phil Corlis who have forever changed his life. He realized that after taking theses classes he became very passionate about photography and he had a natural eye for light and composition. He realized at the age of 19 what his purpose on earth was. That is to capture mother nature’s beauty and light in the most unique way possible by showing you what the world looks like through his eyes and capturing it on film.

After college he moved to Kailua Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he captures Madam “PELE” and the beauty of the Kilauea Volcano. Nick Selway also has a Fine Art Photography business in downtown Kona called “Lava Light Galleries” where he sells his Fine Art prints with best friend and amazing photographer, CJ Kale. Nick Selway says that taking a photo for him is truly the only way for him to live in the moment.