Jason Tozer

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For his project titled “Bubbles“, London-based photographer Jason Tozer photographed soap bubbles in a way that makes them look photos of planets taken from space. Unlike NASA’s actual space probe photos, Tozer’s images contain wild, psychedelic colors.

Tozer tells us that he uses a Hasselblad 503CW and a 135mm macro lens mounted on a set of extension bellows. The camera is equipped with a 65-megapixel PhaseOne digital back. He also made a huge 2?3-meter perspex dome for the lighting to capture the colors and details of each bubble. Changing the dome lighting gives the bubbles different appearances.

Regarding how he creates the bubbles themselves, here’s what he has to say:

‘I looked online for bubble recipes and a bit of glycerine is apparently the key,’ said Mr Tozer to Creative Review who commissioned him to create a series of photos based on the theme of bubbles.
‘Ten parts water, one part washing-up liquid and a little bit of glycerine. We also used distilled water as well because hard water isn’t so good.’
He explained that his against a black background, his assistant would wave the coat hanger hoop through the air with washing-up liquid on.