David Glasheen Australian Robinson Crusoe

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David Glasheen, dubbed Australia’s Robinson Crusoe, has lived on tiny Restoration Island, off the north-eastern tip of Australia since 1993, accompanied only by his dog Quasi.
A former business man, he abandoned a high-flying life in Sydney after losing $AUS10 million ?6.5 million in the 1987 stock market crash and his marriage ended.
Mr Glasheen, who is now in his late 60s, said he revels in the tranquillity and privacy and has called himself as “the luckiest bloke in the world”. He lives off fish and crab and collects bananas, coconuts and native fruit, as well as growing his own vegetables and brewing beer.
He has solar-powered internet access and still flutters on the stock market using an online trading account.
Though he tends to shun publicity, he made international headlines several years ago after he tried to find a partner on an online dating agency. He received hundreds of responses but had no luck.