Candice Milon

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Candice Milon is a freelance photographer based in Paris whose work has been equally displayed in galleries as it has in the more commercial industries.

She studied both at the Fine Art School of Marseille as well as Gobelins in Paris, and started her career assisting several photographers shooting a wide scoop of photography including art, still life, portraiture, fashion and photography specifically shot for the advertising industry.

Candice has been particularly fascinated in the history of painting and its symbolism especially in relation to the photographic image. In her work she aims to show how their meditative character and wide pictorial field give an infinite number of visions, exploring the photographic medium as a dreamlike journey through the lives of people and the density of the quiet life. \

Series by Candice Milon-Sport & Style shows us that the clothes worn by movie actors do play an important role in how we remember those movies. It’s a very nice fashion catalog. Or a catalog for potential movie-themed-party-costumes. But for now it’s a nice way for you to guess the characters’ names and movie titles of each photo.