Benjamin Grelle

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While dogs find great entertainment in sticking their heads outside of a moving car’s window, we might as well have as much fun by watching them. To enhance this effect for us, full-time blogger Benjamin Grelle, mostly called The Frogman, has created the series “Warp Dogs,” featuring edited photographs with backgrounds replaced by scenes from outer space.

As multiple dogs have their hair flying back and lips forced open by the wind, they seem like they are warping through multiple dimensions as streaks and swirls of color are added to the backdrop. Although we may never know, it is possible that the dogs actually do have this kind of experience. As their thoughts, vision, and other senses are stimulated by the speed of a car, they may experience an individual journey through time and space.

“I had my dad drive up and down the driveway and I took pictures as they passed,” The Frogman explains. “It often makes them look like they are going faster than they are — as if they are travelling at unimaginable speeds. I thought it only natural that they be travelling faster than light in the depths of space.
I searched for as many dogs with their heads out the window as I could find,” says Grelle. “Then it was just a matter of choosing the best ones and then adding the space background.”

Warp Dogs…