Alexis Clements

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Alexis Clements is a Denver based photographer who works as a freelance commercial photographer and also pursues her own fine art projects. Alexis is also on the full time faculty in the MGD/Photography department at Red Rocks Community College while currently completing studies toward a masters of fine arts degree at the Academy of Art University.

I am still hopeful for a resurgence of still life in fine art photography. There has been nothing but invaluable experience in my brief adventures of devoting most of my photographic time for the last year to creating still life images. With this practice I have gained a maturity within the medium of photography that supersedes any other possibility for refinements in the other artistic involvements I have with photography. My attention to detail, conception, formal arrangements, and awareness of light (color, tonality, etc…) have become more vigilant in my approach to creating photographs due to exercises in the still life.