Mario Sаnchez Nevado

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Mario Sanchez Nevado, also known under the pseudonym of Aegis Strife. Independent artist and art director from Spain not only creates a fascinating paintings on the theme of contemporary problems of the individual and society, but also gives them a comprehensive and original titles.
Besides for the passion I feel for all things creative (that gets shaded by surrealism, fantasy, sometimes political messages, and other, dark atmospheres), that I develop the freelance-way, I employ myself in other full-time activities, such as directing the international artistic collective Hysterical Minds, as well as writting from time to time, advanced user tutorials for Adobe Photoshop over at PSD Tuts from the Envato Network.

My main artistic capacities, apart from an eye for mathematical composition, color psychology and visual narratives, are photo manipulation and digital painting, that I usually combine to create my own distinctive aesthetic mark.

I’m open for all kind of commissions that fall inside the direction and production of illustration and design, and specially interested if it’s for music bands or publishing houses!