Maurice Heesen

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Maurice Heesen is a talented photographer who was born in Hoorn, NL on the 27 th of March in 1969. Studied Graphic design in Amsterdam and worked as an assistant and art director for 2 1/2 years before setting of on an almost 6 years long journey around the world. During this time making his travel money, ones savings ran out, by designing backpacks, which were manufactured in Nepal, and sold through Europe and importing Santa Claus hats from Hong Kong to Germany which were sold on the German Christmas markets. In Singapore he bought a camera which got stuck to his hand on the rest of his trips. Observing human life and capturing the greatest, funniest, most touching and beautiful moments he could find was all he wanted to do.

Maurice likes to tell story’s. Not in words but in pictures. Believing that there is always one moment in a story where everything comes together and with capturing this moment you tell everything. Together with his graphic design background it creates the clear signature in his work. Once Advertising agency’s started calling him for possible assignments the big question was: can he also create the story’s? The answer: Yes.

In the last 10 years he received many awards from the I.P.A (New York), Colour Awards (L.A.), A.O.P. (London), PX3 (Paris) and PANL (Netherlands) and worked for numerous agency’s around the world.