Jeffrey Milstein

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Jeffrey Milstein photographed approaching passenger planes, creating a fascinating typology of the functional aesthetic of this technological era. His airliners function in a neutrally abstract sky like the butterflies of an entomological collection. Using archival pigment print and processing techniques that remove the aircraft from the background, he focuses on color and design to achieve maximum clarity in his images, which he takes at the precise moment when the plane is perpendicular to the camera’s frame. Fittingly, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum mounted a solo exhibition of his work, “AirCraft: The Jet as Art,” In 2011.

«In this portfolio I explore a typology of the varied cruciform shapes of jet aircraft flying precisely overhead as if frozen in space. I have decontextualized these highly detailed photographs to express the complexity and beauty of form. That these giant conglomerations of aluminum, can gracefully lift from earth is amazing. That they can return safely some hours later on another part of the globe is even more amazing. My aircraft photograph.»