Jooney Woodward

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Jooney Woodward (born 1979) is a British photographer currently based in London. In 2011 she was awarded First Prize in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at The National Portrait Gallery for her portrait of ‘Harriet and Gentleman Jack’. Exhibitions and awards include: The Photographers’ Gallery, Magenta Flash Forward – Emerging Photographers, The Museum of Modern Art Wales, Foto8 Summershow, AOP Open Awards, The Art of Photography Show and The Observer Hodge Photographic Award.

Having grown up in Dorset I am often drawn to document the familiar heritage and traditions of rural life. Escaping the chaotic pace of London, to return to an environment where time and space seem less restricted, enables me to engage with my subjects in a more relaxed way. For me the countryside feels nostalgic, comforting and inspiring in contrast to urban life.
My work often focusses on the British at leisure and the majority of these images were shot in Wales and Dorset earlier this year. I try to capture individuals at ease with their surroundings and those I approach are a reflection of the small and friendly communities to which they belong. I aim to not only engage with my sitter, but to also portray the sense of enjoyment in their personal interests and hobbies.