Antonio Strafella

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Antonio Strafella was born in 1982 in Lecce, Italy.
He was drawn to photography at a very young age when he furtively discovered his father’s Hasselblad.
His education began at the Art Institute of Lecce (Istituto Statale d’Arte di Lecce), where he earned a diploma in Graphic Advertising and Photography. ??He later furthered his studies in Rome specializing in photography at The European Institute of Design.
In Rome, he continues to develop and refine his personal interpretation of images. Light, immersed in darkness, is a dominant motif of his photography, coupled with his retouching expertise.
Antonio’s professional path is filled with artistic encounters and professional partnerships both with advertising agencies as well as post-production studios. His extensive experience includes international campaigns for ??Nissan, L’Unita, The Ministry of Transport (Ministro dei trasporti), and PD.
He collaborates with Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and is teaching a photography course there.
Antonio is currently working in both Rome and Milan.

Spiritual Hero is a piece of work on about the concept of icons in contemporary culture.
Replacing holy heads with those of super heroes, the artist Antonio Strafella makes us think about on the relation between sacred and profan, through the concept of “superman”.
In the case of the Jesus and Dart Fener’s figure, for example, both die in order to preserve for preserving the life of their offspring: the greatest act of mercy.
These icons have various aspects in common: saints do miracles and superheroes have superpowers, both are venerated, opening the conflict between faith and zealotry. In contrast, there are is still some differences: saints were real people, whereas while superheroes are only imagined figures.

Spiritual Hero…