Miguel Starcevich

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Miguel was born in Chicago and currently lives in Los Angeles with his 2 rescued dogs. He has lived in Berlin, The Netherlands, New York, the UK and France. He was inspired by art and its beauty at an early age and his favorite artists were and still are Picasso and Magritte and also was a lover of photography throughout his childhood with his inspirations being Wiiliam Klein, Helmut Newton and Andy Warhol. His clients include Vogue Italia,Fiasco Magazine,Flaunt Magazine,Fault magazine, In Style Magazine, Juxtaposed, ROUGE Bulgaria, NO. Magazine, and Penthouse Magazine, latest covers as well as music giant Capitol Records,Mercury Island Def Jam,Interscope Records,YMCMB and celebrities ranging from Courtney Love,Dustin Hoffman,Lisa Marie Presley, Adam Levine and Snoop Dogg,Rick Ross,The Game,John Legend to name a few as well as having his photographic art featured in a gallery show at Soho Gallery in New York City.